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CHASING Auxiliary Camera

Requires use with docking station
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CHASING Auxiliary Camera

CHASING auxiliary camera is specially designed for use with CHASING M2 PRO ROV. It can be used with a docking station to provide users with a second angle to observe, take pictures, and capture videos.

Dual-Angle Shooting, Dual-Screen Viewing

CHASING auxiliary camera and the ROV's camera can simultaneously return underwater images, giving users two angles to observe, take pictures, and capture videos.

Multi-Directional and Multi-Angle Shooting

CHASING auxiliary camera can be adjusted to the angle between 0° and 90°, and can be fitted to the top or bottom of the ROV to achieve same-direction, reverse, and multi-angle visibility when paired with the ROV's camera. This meets any shooting and observation needs.


  • Auxiliary Camera

    • Size

      • 173 x 71 x 108 mm
    • Weight

      • 536 g
    • Resolution

      • 2 mp
    • LED Light

      • 2 x 1200 lm
    • CMOS

      • 1/2.9 inch
    • Format

      • JPG / MP4


Packing list

  • Auxiliary camera


  • 7-Core double-headed connection cable


  • M3x8 screws


  • Document package