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CHASING Floodlight 2

Compatible with CHASING M2/CHASING M2 PRO
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CHASING Floodlight 2 is an accessory specially engineered and developed for the CHASING M2 and CHASING M2 PRO. The external illumination has adjustable beam angles ranging from 0° to 360°, significantly decreasing the visual interference of floating debris reflection.

Dual lamp sources allow the adjustment from 0° to 360° horizontal beam angles, adjustment spacing is 15°, meeting various needs of underwater applications with maximized illumination area.

The external illumination can minimize the visual interference of floating debris and significantly increase the image quality.

The HA III Military grade hard-anodized surface makes CHASING Floodlight 2 lightweight, corrosion-resistant and perfectly working at 150m deep water. The slim-shaped unit only weighs 432g (15.3oz), which is easy to carry and store.


  • Floodlight

    • Dimensions

      • 418mm
    • Weight

      • ≈432g
    • Angle of Depression

      • -10°
    • Horizontal Angle

      • 360° adjustable
    • Pressure Resistance Depth

      • 150m
    • Brightness

      • 2 x 2000lm

What’s in the Box

Floodlight                  ×1

Brass separator         ×4

M3x8 screws             ×8

Document package   ×1