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Requires use with Cerulean sonar, docking station and adapter box or control console
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The CHASING USBL kit is a set of connecting parts designed for mounting the Cerulean Sonar on CHASING ROVs. The USBL underwater locator can accurately get the position, navigation direction and trajectory of the ROV on the map, as well as mark the location of the target and map the inspection route.

Accurately Orient the Underwater Location

The USBL underwater locator uses the transmitter and receiver to calculate the coordinate position of the underwater drone through the locating algorithm with three points, and displays the ROV's loacation on map on the APP in real time. The maximum distance between transmitter and receiver can be up to 300 meters.

USBL Underwater Locator Combination Solution

USBL underwater locator (purchase Cerulean sonar by yourself, support no serial-to-USB conversion cable) + USBL kit + docking station (M2 PRO MAX model does not require the docking station) + adapter box or control console.


Dimensions of the Transmitter Bracket

127 mm × 106 mm


Weight of the Transmitter Bracket

194 g


Dimensions of the Receiver Component

127 mm × 106 mm (bracket), 100 mm × 72 mm (control cabin)


Weight of the Receiver Component

134 g (bracket), 249 g (control cabin)


Operating Depth of the Control Cabin

1 to 1.5 m


Operating Temperature



Transmitter component assembly


Receiver component assembly


Connection cable assembly


Upgrade cable assembly


M3x8 screws


Document package