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CHASING Water Sampler

Stratified Spot Sampling in 0-200m Water Depth
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Stratified Spot Sampling in 0-200m Water Depth

ROV, equipped with water sampler, is able to achieve precise hovering at a fixed point and stratified spot sampling within the water depth range of 0- 200m in the target waters, so as to provide precise samples.

500ml of Water Sampled at Once with High Sampling Efficiency

The CHASING water sampler can sample 500ml within 8 seconds by means of motor suction after arriving at the sampling point, which improvses the efficiency of sample acquisition and detection.


Super Sealing for Sample Protection

After thousands of tests, the CHASING water sampler achieves no water leakage during operation, fully ensuring the safety of samples in the target waters and the accuracy of the detection report.

Eco-Friendly Materials Certified by Multiple Countries

The CHASING water sampler is mainly made of 6061 aluminium alloy, POM and PMMA, which has obtained ROHS certification and does not cause any envirionmental pollution to the sampled waters.

Replaceable Sampling Bottle, Flexible and Easy to use

After completing the water intake, the spare sampling bottle can be quickly replaced to start the next sampling. Multiple bottles of sampling can save time and energy, avoid residue attachment and ensure the sample detection accuracy to the maximum extent.



φ106 x 375 mm

Air weight


Pressure withstand depth


Water sampling capacity


Operating voltage

DC 24V

Operating temperature

-10℃ - 45℃


What’s in the Box

Water sampler


Connection cable


M3 screw


M4 screw