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Manufacturer: CHASING
Everyday Underwater Exploration The world's smallest, smartest and most affordable underwater drone.
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Suitable for low velocity areas such as calm seas, lakes, and pools, Dive Duorui records all the best moments of outdoor water travel. The maximum transmission distance of the mobile phone connected to the Wi-Fi buoy is 15 meters, and the maximum dive depth of the drone is 15 meters.


The main unit weighs 1.1kg and is the same size as an iPad mini, inheriting the exquisite craftsmanship of GLADIUS MINI and the structural design of the 1-thruster, reducing weight by 5% and volume by 57%. It can be mastered with one hand and will not become a burden on your journey.

The body ± adjustable within 45°, you can see wider and shoot more. Locking the tilt angle can also be forward, backward, up and down.

In depth mode, you can sail and hover at a specified depth to find and capture exactly what you want.

4800mAh large-capacity lithium battery, full charge can be explored for up to one hour. YOU ONLY NEED TO CHARGE YOUR DORY CONSOLE, AND OTHER DEVICES DON'T NEED TO BE CHARGED.


With the built-in true color restoration algorithm of Stealth Dorui, photos and videos show true dynamic color in all shooting conditions.


Sneak Multi supports the simultaneous access of two terminal devices, one person controls the operation, one person controls the shooting, and the fun is doubled.


With the Stealth app, all you need is a smartphone to control your underwater experience. From your smartphone, you can control the underwater drone floating, diving, tilting, depth locking, as well as camera settings and shooting.


Bionic streamlined technology shape, layout 5 thrusters, plug and play, underwater navigation smoother, simpler operation.